What Types of Stores Can You Find in a Shopping Mall?

Shopping malls are a great place to find a variety of stores. From department stores to specialty stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, high-end stores, boutiques, craft stores, discount stores and warehouse stores, there is something for everyone. Department stores are the smallest type of shopping mall and usually center around a supermarket. These stores offer a wide range of products at different price levels and can include pharmacies, small restaurants or takeaway stores, or stores selling personal items such as a dry cleaner or spa.

Examples of department stores include Macy's, Shoppers Stop and Kohl's. Specialty stores are retail establishments that focus on one or two specific categories of products. They have a very narrow product line and customers who are generally less inclined to prices. Walmart is an example of this type of retail format, while Lids is the go-to hat store for representing favorite teams.

Convenience stores are usually located in residential areas and offer a limited range of products at higher prices due to the added value of convenience. Pharmacies also tend to sell a lot of other things besides pharmaceuticals, forming their own niche of specialty stores. Shopping centers have high-end stores, boutiques and craft stores that offer unique and high-quality products. These centers also have large, departmentalized, self-service stores that specialize in food and some non-food items.

Discount stores offer significant discounts on the products they sell, while warehouse stores invest heavily in visual merchandising and instead rely on lower prices to attract customers.