What is the biggest electronics shop in tokyo?

Yodobashi Akiba With stores across the country, Yodobashi is one of the largest electronics chains in Japan and the Akihabara store is the largest in the country, possibly one of the largest electronics stores in the world. The items shown here will cost 20% less than their final prices. As with all other Yodobashi products, you will receive 10% of the product price in Yodobashi Camera points, although the percentage may vary from product to product. Some of the products sold here are the latest models that are also sold in regular Yodobashi camera stores, and these items will be sold at retail at the same prices as in other stores.

Go one more floor to the third floor to find electronic appliances for the domestic lifestyle, such as televisions, computers, cameras, games, audio equipment and other related accessories (part of the first floor is the parking lot). The products in this store are approximately 20% cheaper than what they usually cost in regular retail stores. The outlet store receives traffic from many foreign visitors, especially from India, China and Taiwan. Usually, these visitors have heard about the outlet store through word of mouth from friends or other sources.

Although the sector has been somewhat relocated in recent years, Akihabara, or as it is affectionately known, Akiba, is still synonymous with technology and electronics. The more you dive into side streets and unfamiliar places, the more likely you are to find stores that sell diodes, transistors, and similar components. There are a large number of electronics stores all over Akihabara, and Yodobashi-Akiba is the largest mall in the city. Electronic products aren't the only thing sold at this outlet store, but there's also a dazzling array of household items, food and miscellaneous items.

You can buy those things at branded stores and pharmacies in Japan, however, it's recommended to buy them to get a discounted, tax-free deal. For fans with money, Yodobashi Akiba is paradise: nine floors full of high-tech equipment, considered by many to be the largest electronics store in the world, and in the center of the geek district of Akhihabara, in Tokyo. In fact, Yodobashi is a well-known electronics chain in Japan, but this store goes beyond its usual offering, which is located above JR Station (Tokyo's suburban train system) in Akihabara, and is adorned with brightly colored cartoon characters that you can't miss even if you wanted to. The store is designed to welcome casual shoppers who simply want to visit it to have a look, as is the case with supermarkets.

Chuo Dori is the main street of Akihabara and once there you can find the main stores between Akihabara Station to the south and Suehirocho Station to the north.