Attract More People to Your Shopping Center with Special Events

Organizing special events at your shopping center is an excellent way to draw more people and boost foot traffic. Whether it's a product launch, a DIY class, or a celebrity meet-and-greet, these events can help you promote your mall and build your brand image. To make the most out of these events, you should plan them well in advance and use a mall marketing solution such as M360. DIY classes are an effective way to attract people to your mall.

People are always looking for activities to do, and if you can teach them something new, it will surely grab their attention. You can also use these classes to showcase some of your tenants' products. Product launches can be big events that can draw a large crowd to your mall. Whether it's a new book or a watch party, it's sure to draw in a lot of people.

However, you should make sure that you announce the product launch well in advance to get the most out of it. Cultural events can also be used to promote your mall with ease. All you need to do is draw up a list of cultural events that can capture the attention of the residents of your city and make them known. You could also invite some eminent personality, such as an author or a celebrity, to your mall to meet and greet your customers.

Not only will this attract a crowd, but it will also help build your brand image, since a famous person chose to come to your mall. These events can also be combined with other events, such as store openings and product launches, to generate more traction. With M360, you have a comprehensive mall marketing solution that streamlines the execution of multi-channel marketing, sends personalized messages to shoppers at the most influential moments, and provides easy-to-use reports on the KPIs that matter. You should decorate your mall to prepare for this event and make sure that your tenants are also aware of the event. It is recommended to book at least 6 to 9 months in advance for large scale events (more than 5000 attendees) and 3 to 6 months for smaller ones (between 100 and 5000 attendees).

You could also use proximity marketing to send alerts about grand openings or other special events in your mall. Organizing events at your mall can provide you with an opportunity to create human connections that can improve your digital media marketing efforts. They're also an excellent marketing tactic through which you can increase sales from your store's tenants, which is why it's so common to see malls organize events regularly. Make sure you put on a show that's unlike anything your city has ever seen and rest assured that people will come. Whenever a new store or pop-up store opens in your mall, you should use the occasion as an opportunity to promote your mall. For example, if you're organizing a wine-painting workshop, you could use the wine sold by one of your mall's tenants.

This way, throughout the class, not only will you be able to market your shopping center but also the tenant's products.