What is the 10 largest mall in the world?

The 10 largest shopping malls in the worldIran Mall Shopping Center, Iran: 21, 000, 000 square meters. IOI City Shopping Center, Malaysia: 8, 840, 000 square meters. South China Shopping Mall, China: 7, 100, 000 square meters. Isfahan city center, Iran: 7, 000 000 square meters.

SM Mall of Asia Shopping Center, Philippines: 6, 349, 530 square meters. SM Tianjin, China: 6, 080, 000 square meters. Golden Resources Shopping Center, China: 6, 000, 010 square meters. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Times Square is a twin tower complex that contains a shopping mall and two five-star hotels.

With 7.5 million square feet (700,000 m²) of constructed area, it is currently the fifth largest building in the world. The mall includes more than 1000 retail stores, 65 food outlets and several entertainment attractions, such as the largest indoor theme park in Asia, Cosmo's World, and the first IMAX 2D & 3D cinema in Malaysia, which is located on the 10th floor. Opened in 1991, the SM Megamall in Metro Manila is one of the largest malls in the Philippines. The mall attracts 800,000 daily foot traffic of 800,000 people with a maximum capacity of 4 million people.

The mall has two main buildings. Building A has movie theaters, a bowling alley, food courts and the Toy Kingdom. Building B has retail stores. The bridge that connects the two main buildings of the mall contains several restaurants.

SM Megamall is currently undergoing significant renovation and expansion. When it's finished, you'll be able to claim the definitive title of the largest mall in the Philippines. The West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was the largest mall from 1981 to 2004 and is currently the largest mall in America. In addition to 800 stores and services, the mall includes the largest indoor amusement park in the world, the largest indoor water park in the world and Ice Palace (a reduced version of an ice rink the size of the NHL regulations, so it's not the largest in the world).

Other attractions include an 18-hole mini-golf course, a movie theater and a bowling alley. Opened in 1990, the eight-story CentralWorld in Bangkok is the largest shopping mall in Thailand. It was promoted as a middle class mall, unlike Siam Paragon, marketed by the upper class. On May 19 of this year, CentralWorld was one of many properties set on fire by anti-government demonstrators.

The fire lasted for two days and the Zen department stores collapsed in the fire. After months of repair work, the shopping complex reopened its doors on September 28 with 80% of its commercial space open to the public. In terms of total area, the New Century Global Center in China is the largest building (1,700,000 m²) in the world. Its size is comparable to that of three pentagons or 246 football fields.

Inside there is a gigantic water park with an artificial bench and a cinema. It also houses an ice rink, office space and a 1,000-room InterContinental hotel. SM Mall of Asia also has the e-Com center, a six-phase commercial establishment dedicated to office purposes. The entire complex is located in an area of about 70 hectares.

In terms of total area, the Persian Gulf Complex is the third largest shopping mall in Iran and the twelfth largest in the world. However, it is the second largest, only behind the Iran Mall, in terms of the total number of stores (2,500). The city center of Isfahan, located in an area of 600,000 m2 and with a total area of 465,000 m2, is the second largest shopping center in Iran. It is also the largest shopping mall museum in the world (mall that contains a museum).

In the center of the shopping center there is a 150 meter high tower, known as Seaside Tower. The upper observation deck of this tower offers a full 360-degree view of the city. The SM City North EDSA shopping mall is the largest in the Philippines and the seventh largest in the world. It was also SM Supermalls' first real estate project.

When it opened in 1985, the mall had only 120,000 square meters of gross floor space. It was only after a series of remodeling and expansion projects (starting in 2000) that the mall reached its current size. After the completion of the second and final phase of the project, its total area will increase from 1.4 million square meters to 1.95 million square meters. It is close to Lake Chitgar, on the northwestern outskirts of Tehran.

Iran Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world by total area (1,950,000 m²). A hypermarket, Fashion Avenue, Diamond and Crystal Atrium, three food courts with more than 200 restaurants, a 3,300-square-meter book garden with 67,000 books and several bookstores, and a cinema are some of the amenities available in shopping malls. The roof of the mall also functions as a sports complex, with long trails for hiking, cycling and other public activities. There are 15 sports fields, tennis courts, a 12,000 square meter ice rink and a swimming pool on the property.

Annually, more than 40 million people visit the mall, and eighty percent of visitors come from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Dakota, Illinois, Ohio and Canada. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the city. With a total shopping area of 502,000 square meters, it is the second largest shopping mall in the world after the Iran Mall in terms of total area (5,400,000 square feet). The total retail area is 502,000 square meters (5,400,000 square feet).

The biggest malls, from high-end clothing to everyday t-shirts, high-heeled shoes and flip flops in every color, from elegant watches to jewelry so shiny that it hurts the eye, from a candlelit dinner to a fast-food chain with burgers and fries galore, malls have it all. Shopping malls have optimized the idea of convenience and offer a comprehensive shopping experience for their customers. Some malls take this idea of convenience to another level and are so big that they can probably fit dozens of football fields in them. These are some of the biggest malls in the world.

With an area of 3.22 million square feet, an impressive glass façade and a classic example of modern architecture, Siam Paragon is one of the largest shopping malls in Thailand. Inaugurated in September 2003 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, this 7.5 million square foot twin tower complex contains a shopping mall and two five-star hotels. With more than 2.5 million people visiting the mall every month, the mall offers an optimal shopping experience with its wide selection of stores, dining options, the largest indoor theme park in Asia, Cosmo's World, and the first 3D IMAX 2D cinema & in Malaysia. With an area of 3.77 million square feet, the West Edmonton Mall is the only mall on this list outside of Asia and is currently the largest mall in the Americas.

The mall is home to around 800 shops, cafes and restaurants. SM Mall of Asia, one of the largest shopping malls in the Philippines, with an area of 4.3 square feet, is not just any mall, but rather a more tourist-oriented mall with its extensive shopping, relaxation and entertainment options. The SM Mall of Asia has a 2-story entertainment complex with top-notch cinemas and contains the country's first Olympic-sized ice skating stadium. Located on Büyükdere Avenue, in the Şişli district of Istanbul, with an area of 4.5 million square feet, this shopping mall, also called Şişli Culture and Commerce Center, contains a wide selection of shops, fast food restaurants and exclusive restaurants.

In addition to these, the shopping center also offers other entertainment facilities, such as a large stage for events, 12 cinemas, a bowling alley and a small roller coaster. The largest shopping mall in terms of gross leasable area (6.4 million square feet), is organized according to the interesting concept of seven zones inspired by international cities. The mall has impressive features, such as a replica of the Arc de Triomphe and a canal with gondolas. In addition to these, it also has an ice rink, a SEGA game center, a five-star hotel, 22 movie screens, the largest indoor aquarium in the world and is the gateway to the Burj Khalifa.

The Iran Mall is currently the largest mall in terms of gross leasable space (21 million square feet). The mall is located in the northwest of Tehran and includes commercial spaces that include retail outlets, cultural facilities, recreational areas and a hotel. With more than 12 million square feet (equivalent in size to more than 50 football fields), the Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world in terms of total area, but roughly the same size as the West Edmonton Mall if it is based on leasable space. The mall is next to Tianjin Binhai International Airport and can be accessed from Beijing and Qinhuangdao by public transport.

The CentralWorld Apple Store is the largest in Southeast Asia, the Uniqlo store is the first in Thailand and the largest in Southeast Asia, and the H&M store is the third largest in the world. Opened in 2004, the Golden Resources Shopping Mall in Beijing is the third largest mall in China and is ranked number seven on this list. American Dream Meadowlands in New Jersey, USA. In the US, it is now the largest mall in the world, larger than the Iran mall.

Initially, it was estimated that the Golden Resources Mall would attract a large crowd on a daily basis. The following interactive map shows the locations of the ten largest shopping centers in the world, as well as their names. The mall is located in the south of the Klang Valley, in Malaysia, and its objective is to offer residents of the area a first-class shopping option without having to travel to Kuala Lumpur. The only busy areas of the mall are near the entrance, where several Western fast food chains are located.

The traditional bazaar at Iran Mall is inspired by the traditional markets of famous Iranian cities such as Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz. More than just shopping venues, the mall also houses a large amount of space for conventions and social events. Some notable facilities in the mall include a hotel, an ice rink, a multiplex cinema, a bowling alley, a sports medicine clinic and an exhibition center. ICONSIAM, one of Bangkok's newest real estate attractions, is a commercial and residential complex that includes two of the tallest buildings in the city, as well as the second largest shopping mall in Thailand.