Discovering Art Galleries in Shopping Centers

Are you searching for an art gallery situated in a shopping center? If so, you're in luck! Shopping centers are becoming a more and more popular destination for art galleries, providing a unique opportunity for artists to display their work. From Paris to Dallas, art galleries are popping up in shopping centers all over the world. The gallery's exhibition program is carefully chosen to feature the most interesting emerging and established artists. The artist pays rent per day or week and is responsible for all aspects of the exhibition, such as supervision, promotion, printing work, invitations, and more.

Homeowners hope that by offering something extra, shoppers will stay longer and spend more money at the checkout. In addition to its own gallery, the gallery also looks for other attractive exhibition opportunities for its artists. For example, in January, Ai Weiwei hung several bamboo and rice paper creatures from the ceilings of the Le Bon Marché department store in Paris (Er Xi, until February 20). Aron Barath's first solo exhibition in the United States of America took place in Dallas with Galleri Urbane. The gallery may also buy works from other art dealers or at auctions and try to sell them in its art gallery for profit. If you want to visit the art gallery but the gallery's opening hours don't fit your schedule, you can simply contact the gallery to request an appointment.

Its exhibition program has an educational and cultural objective, to canonize and preserve the most relevant works of art. So if you're looking for an art gallery located in a shopping center, you can find one! With careful selection of its program and extra offerings for shoppers, these galleries are becoming increasingly popular destinations for art lovers.